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The story of the gem merchant as told by Manikkavalli doll

The story of the gem merchant as told by Manikkavalli doll

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On the twenty seventh day Bhoja raja after his morning duties again started climbing on to the throne of Vikramadhithya. He was stopped on the twenty seventh step by Manikkavalli doll. It told him that he does not have great qualities of the king Vikramadhithya and is not fit to occupy the throne. Then king Bhoja asked that doll, “Doll please tell me about the greatness of Vikramadhithya. The doll started telling the following story.

One day a gem merchant visited the royal assembly of king Vikramadhithya. He took a very costly Manikya gem and placed it at the feet of Vikramadhithya. The king was greatly impressed by the gem and got it examined by experts in his court. All of them were of the opinion that the gem was very rare in nature and very invaluable. When king Vikramadhithya asked the merchant about the cost of the gem, he replied that it was a present to the king from his side. The king told the merchant that he would like to buy similar gems from him at a proper cost. The merchant told that he had ten more similar gems and would like to sell them to the king. The king agreed to purchase them each at a cost of one crore rupees. He summoned one dependable servant of his and told him, “Go with this merchant and bring back the ten gems that he gives. If you return within 8 days, I would give you several presents. “ The servant agreed and went along with the merchant. On reaching his home, the merchant entrusted the ten gems to him. On the seventh day, he was about to reach the capital of Voikramadhithya. But a river in between was in severe flood. The only boatman refused to row him to the other shore. Then the servant told him about his problem. Then the boatman told, “Sit , to take you to the other shore I have to risk my life. So if you give me five of those gems as my wage, I am prepared to take you.,” The servant agreed and crossed the river successfully. He reached Vikramadhithya’s court on the eighth day and gave him five gems. When the king asked him about the other gems, the servant told him about the problems that he faced and his promise to come back from the errand as more important. The king was very much pleased and gave the remaining five gems as a present for the servant. Our king was so much broad minded.”

The doll then told, “Oh king Bhoja, this is the greatness of Vikramadhithya who occupied this throne. If you think that you are equal to him, then you can definitely go up. Bhoja returned back that day without further climbing.

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