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Bhoja Raja gets Vikramadhithya's throne

Bhoja Raja gets Vikramadithya’s throne

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There was a great king called Bhoja in the city of Ujjaini. The city was near a big forest. Lots of wild animals used to come from the forest in to the city and trouble the people. So Bhoja decided to hunt for those wild animals and destroy them. One day he started in the early morning with large number of hunters and other assistants to the forest. They hunted and destroyed lots of wild animals. By noon, they were all very tired and far away from the town. They then started searching for some water, food and a place to take rest. Suddenly they saw a field of sweet corn. There was big well with water also in it. In the middle of the field, its owner called Saravana Bhatta, was standing on a platform and guarding the field from animals and birds. As soon as he saw them, he told them “Oh king, a hearty welcome to you along with your soldiers. Please take as much corn as you want and also use the water of the well. You can all take rest in the garden afterwards.” The king was very happy and he along with the army entered the garden and started eating the sweet juicy corn. At this time Saravana Bhatta got down from the platform. Suddenly he started shouting at them, “Hey cruel king, I am a poor man, some how living with the yield of this corn. If you all start eating the corn, how will I live? Also the water in the well would be taken by you all. Then how will I water my corn plants tomorrow. Go away immediately.” Taken aback, Bhoja said sorry and asked his people to go away from the field. While they were withdrawing, Saravana Bhatta again climbed on the platform. Suddenly he started talking to them, “Oh great king, why are going away. You must be very hungry. Please take as much corn you want and also drink, as much water you want.”
Then king Bhoja realized that Saravana Bhatta was completely changing, once he climbs on the platform. He called Saravana Bhatta and told him, “Dear Brahmin, I want to buy this corn field. I would give you ten times its price. “Saravana Bhatta happily accepted the price, gave the land to the king and went away. The king asked his army to dig at the spot, where the platform was there .After some time they found there a majestic golden throne with 32 golden steps. On each step , there was a golden doll. King Bhoja became extremely happy and wanted to take the throne to his palace.
But in spite of great efforts, they were not able to move the throne even a little bit from that place. Then he called his wise minister and asked him, “Dear Sir, Why am I not able to move this throne to my palace? The minister replied, “Sir, It looks that this throne belonged to a great king. This has been here for a very long time. So you have to worship to the throne before moving it.” The king sent for his priests and a proper worship was done to the throne. Then they were able to move it. They then got the throne cleaned and placed it in the chamber of the king. The king wanted to sit on the throne and rule his country. On a good day, after again worshipping the throne, he started climbing it. As soon a he started climbing it, all the thirty two dolls on the throne, clapped their hands and started laughing. The king asked the first doll, “Why are you laughing?”
The doll replied, “King Bhoja, this throne belonged to King Vikramadhithya, You are too small a man compared to Vikramadithya. He was a great valorous, just and efficient king, who was interested in the welfare of his people, we feel that you are not fit to climb the throne.”
King Bhoja asked the first doll, “Who was this king Vikramadithya. I would like to know more about him. Then only I can tell you, whether I am as good as a king as he was.”
The first doll then the story of “Who was Vikramadhithya?”


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  4. A nice story which I have earlier herd.
    -Subhas Yadawad

    1. I want the stories of great kings and their rule not just simply children stories .............and tat too in Telugu language I need for my project

  5. What I heard from my grandpa in my childhood, here it is exactly correct.

  6. Many thanks to you for such an effort. Hope to get my kids to read all your translations.